Meeting Etiquettes

Have you ever embarrassed your Manager ‘unintentionally’ ? If answer is no, then read on. If yes, still read on for new ideas.

Billi – The Sardar

Ever since we were assigned to our first project in our first job, new joinees have done nothing but entertaining our teammates. This is one such funny story of my fellow colleague and friend whom we call Billi. And he is pakka Sardar.

This scenario is of our first meeting that we attended with our Manager, it was team meeting. We were in total 7 including our Manager.
Kahani mein twist hai …… Aadmi saat aur khursi sirf 6…bahot nainsafee hai …….

The meeting was about training of four new joinees and some other issues. We were 7 people and in our meeting room there were only six chairs, so one guy would have to stand during the meeting. And that guy was Billi…
Our seniors including Manager claimed their place on available chairs, and Billi was standing beside the Manager.

This was the scenario; Billi (B) was standing beside Manager (M). Everyone was silent for a minute. Manager M started by playing ‘good Manager’ and asked can we start and he stood up, I don’t know why.

Being his first meeting, he thought M is going to address us standing, so the minute M got up, Billi sat on his chair.

Now slightly pissed M first looked at Billi chilling in his chair and then to Ms. X sitting on his left. Being senior she knew ‘this is not good and M is pissed’ so she got up and gave her chair to M.
Billi was still chilling on his chair wondering what is happening.

Now, a girl was standing and all other men sitting, so Mr. R ‘being perfect Gentleman’ gave her his chair. Billi was still chilling on and had no idea what was happening.

Now M again asked ‘Are we ready?’ and our first meeting started and Billi was at the ‘Head of the table’.

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