Four glasses of Fresh Lime & Fifteen minutes

This is story of four graduates aka fresher’s who were from different colleges and excited about their first job.

They got into 24×7 Support Project which included working in 3 rotating shifts. First shift starting from 06:30 a.m. to 04:00 p.m. in which workload wasn’t much, so they keep only one person in this shift mostly senior and experienced one who could handle the shift alone. Second one starting from 01:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. and last one from 09:30 p.m. in the night to 07:00 a.m. of next day.

For almost 3 weeks company took time for ID creation and all the accesses that a new joinee would need. It was honeymoon period for them, coming to office on 8:30 in the morning surfing the net, wandering, exploring company surroundings, Lunch at nearby hotels taking their own time without worrying and restaurants ignoring office’ filthy canteen and finally leaving for home at 6:00 o’clock in the evening. Also the Boss was so good to them. They loved their first job.

But after 3 weeks their Team leader segregated them and put two of them in second shift and other two in night shift to train them about the Process. The two in Second Shift, first thing they did was to go out to have lunch for the first time in company canteen and took their own time as usual and returned back after lovely 2 hrs and that’s it they had their first experience of what Boss means.

Boss: “Where were you?”

Guys: “We went out to have pastries after lunch.” They told him just like that.

(During 3 weeks of wonderful period eating pastries after lunch had became routine for them)

Boss: “Do you think this is joke, company’s paying you so that you can have pastries during office hours.  I won’t tolerate this. It is your first and last mistake. I want you here within an hour after lunch. Is that clear?”

Guys:”Yes. We are Sorry!”

Next minute two team members were assigned to show them the process, what and how they would be doing the job. It was horrible. The work they would be doing was terrible. It was worst time they had. They realized why people hate their jobs and mostly the Boss.

For rest of the shift timing they sat behind the team members without uttering a single word and not even thinking of going out for brunch or even to washroom.

At the stroke of 09:30 p.m. other two guys came for their night shift. Looking at those guys afternoon guys wanted to cry on their shoulders. But they behaved as if nothing has happened and they had great time learning about work after 3 weeks of idling, wandering.

So all four went to canteen to see is there anything to eat but nothing looked edible so bought four fresh limes and sat on a corner table telling each other what they did on weekend and talked about movies, planning their next weekend. Guys in second shift told the other two, how they missed their group lunch and that they had to eat here in canteen coz only two can’t afford to eat out. But not a single word about what happened with the boss today and now they were doing something meaning. But truth was that they were embarrassed to death.

At 10:30 Afternoon guys went home in company cab. And now it was Night guys’ turn to learn about work. But as you can guess it was their first day too with their team. You can’t imagine what these two guys did. Boss instructed other team mates to teach them and tell them the Process.

First thing these guys did was to see if any hotels were open at 12:00 o’clock in the night. They went out strolling from one end to other in search of open restaurant and finally found one. They diligently had their dinner. They came back after an hr or two. Had talk with team mates mostly about the cricket match that India won yesterday.

Then approx. at 2 in the night after half an hour they came back, the two got up from Team area and were at the reception to tell the security guy to switch off the corner lights in the office; before that they found out a good place in the corner of the office for sleeping, yes sleeping.

Team members were clueless about their whereabouts. These two came back with tea cups in their hands at 6:45 in the morning and sat there with team sipping the tea slowly, enjoying first light of the day. One the team member had to report to Boss about what these guys did last night; he did it with pleasure without missing any minute details with time stamps of their every move.

Next day whole scenario changed. I mean it was miracle, and a legend that which was shared with four glasses of fresh lime.

The afternoon guys came on time to office, asked permission to go for a lunch, had their lunch briefly, and came back; learnt what teammates taught them and also worked under team mates’ supervision. In short behaved like good boys. At 9:30 p.m. night guys came, waved at Boss as usual. He gave them hardest possible look. Both were clueless. After two minutes they were summoned to Boss. It was their time to be embarrassed in front of team mates and other teams.

Boss:”What did you do last night?”

The question sounded like he knew the answer, still he’s asking.

Guys silent. Again the same shit.

Boss: “Do Company’s paying you for sleeping in office?” blah … blah … blah

Boss waved at other two to come. All four were standing in a row in front of Boss and now being scolded like school children.

Boss: “You guys are useless, still not out of college days…It is not tolerable at all. You had your time when you didn’t have access. Now you better start taking initiative in learning and working. I want you to update me what did you do during the day. Am I clear?”

No answer.

Boss almost shouting “Am I clear?”

Guys: “YES”

And all four went to canteen for their four glasses of Fresh Lime.

And from that day fifteen minutes of Fresh lime became the grapevine session, two in afternoon told everything about what had happened during the day to the night guys and night guys told them about night experiences, mostly whining experiences.

They talked about team mates mostly bitching about them and abusing Boss.

Slowly started talking about bloody work and within a week started talking about vacancies at other places, about post graduation, about MBA.

But funny thing nobody wanted to leave this job, they realized it was to some extent their mistake. No matter what, they never missed their Fresh Lime in canteen.

It actually became relaxing session for all of them and brought them close.

Have you ever wondered how a small thing in one’s life can make one happy and relax?

Like just four glasses of Fresh Lime and fifteen minutes of small talks about work, about Boss, about weekend plans, about girls, about backstabbing team mates, about cricket, football, about anything.

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