The Real Bollywood Style

When I first saw CRO (Cathode Ray Oscilloscope) I didn’t know what it does. I saw it during electronics practical exam in HSC and I had no clue how to use it.

But in engineering, I became thoroughly familiar with CRO and its functions. Although I knew what it does and where it is used. I started to wonder is there any other place other than colleges where CROs are used. I thought only engineering students use it. I’m talking about analog CRO; digital one is so weird and used in variety of places.


But movies gave me my answer, the obsolete analog CRO has a bright future though it is now being replaced by multi functional digital CRO. It has a career in Indian Film Industry, our own Bollywood guys.

You won’t believe me but I saw few movies where it is used for very critical operations and serious purpose.

The CRO featured in “Ram Teri Ganga Meili” and two of Dev Anand’s suspense action movies inspired by Hollywood movies.

The Screen Time of Mr. CRO in Ram Teri Ganga Meili

Presenting Mr. CRO

Scene 1:  Here Dadima is very serious and about to die. They give her best medical service at home, oxygen cylinder, Mandir ka Prashad, Ganga Jal and to monitor heartbeat rate Mr. CRO.

If you’ve seen this movie you can observe a simple sine wave is shown generated by the function generator (circled), these are nothing but her last beats guys. Mr. CRO has very serious role.



Scene 2:  Now after last talk with her grandson, Dadima asks for Ganga, he gets her kalash and she says “Yeh nahi pagal, apni Ganga, meri bahurani” and at that instance somebody turns off the function generator oh! Sorry Dadima’s Heartbeats are stopped, she’s dead.

(It’s literally shown by the ground line of CRO).


Grandson looks at the Mr. CRO flat line and runs for a Doctor and his Ma- Babuji.

The Screen Time of Mr. CRO in Dev Anand’s movies:

Scene 1:  Dev Anand a Army man in some movie (don’t remember the name of the movie but it was definitely copy of some Hollywood film) is in his command office and tells his assistant to see if Dushman ka Plane is coming in our region on very own RADAR and assistant turns on the CRO and does some adjustments (of variable button of CRO) and gets a steady sine wave from a high frequency fast moving wave and comes to a conclusion

Sir, apne ilake me koi nahi hai


If you see the creative side of Bollywood then Hats Off, as it’s said

“East or West Bollywood’s the BEST”

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  1. Layog Says:

    Those are nice observations.. 🙂 😀

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