College Fashion Show


This is the story at the eve of college annual function “Trifles”. It’s my final year in college, so all of us decided to attend the function which is actually not so fun for us. Because college does it in very wretched way by booking the neighbor college auditorium, which not so big to take account of all the students and we don’t have sovereignty to enjoy completely. There are so many quizzes but everyone is interested in participating as audience, so those are not so fun since participation is poor and those who participate, Oh! My God, are simply horrible unbearable students. So we don’t usually attend this function.

Only good thing in all the functions is ‘Fashion Show’ competition because girls from other colleges take part and it’s like ecstasy for our (boys!) eyes.

Someone has said “99% of the girls are beautiful and remaining 1% are in my college” so we watch out for competitors (and cheer for them too) from other colleges.

I’ll get back to the topic, so this was my last time to attend the ‘Fashion Show’ and I went to watch it at the scheduled time forgetting its IST, Indian Stretchable Time. The show started 2 hours late, so to keep audience engaged, actually auditorium we were using in other college was a HSC exam centre, so to keep crowd quiet they started another competition ‘Personality Test’ and it was a disaster. Crowd could’ve sat quietly if they wouldn’t have started this show. The crowd became completely out of control that that college’s Principal threatened us (not us, actually our college authority) that they won’t allow our college to use their auditorium again.

Watching her (Principal of other college) shout at our prof. was entertaining than watching that catastrophic Personality contest.

So after long wait fashion show finally began, there were 3 groups from other college and one from our college (Which no one was interested in).

The guests were designer Rohit Varma, some model,I forgot her name (Bgaurav-dagoankarut still remember her face) who is an engineer too and an alumni Gaurav Dagaonkar (in pic) singer of famous song ‘College Days’ and one more male model.

Guess which group performed first, undoubtedly our college group. It was unbelievably excellent; the girls were looking so elegant, stunning, gorgeous blah blah!!! Everyone was where were all these girls these years and it was like if our college can perform so well then we were sure we are going to witness good quality stuff today. (Pardon me, but there are no other words to describe it)

So our college’s theme was love, marriage and sex (do you believe that this word was used in college function, its Mumbai anything can happen), erosion of the queen of some group of ‘adiwasis’ and so much more. It started, it was enjoyable at the initial stage then it became literally vulgar (I mean more enjoyable and erotic). Cloths (Or costumes whatever) were all old times tribal, like if something goes wrong on stage cloths will come off. (I mean what the girls were thinking, when they decided to wore those costumes) They used a song in the background called ‘Anan Panan’ something like that. The song was good to hear. (Everyone one was like should we support them or not)ramp

Then one after the other groups performed and we were  like wow! All were definitely generation next type performances leaving behind the Indian culture or whatever. Costumes used were damn good, themes oh my god and girls what can I say. Background score varied from Nayan Barse from Dev D to Pussycat dolls’ ‘Don’t ya wish’ to ‘Wake me up inside’ to some Hyderabadi song (our college theme in 2nd round was of prostitutes or mujra walis, err it was gross)

And facial expressions were enticing and teasing. That was the best part, I guess.

The last group was from girl’s college and it was totally rapture performance. They even got a one’s more response and even a standing ovation from my college crowd who is never supportive (Jitna mar sakta hai utana marne ki koshish karega). All the girls were too attractive and one important thing everyone was in limit (except one she was too bold), costumes were comparatively decent and themes were attention grabbin’ and it was fun watching them perform.


The Girl’s college group won the contest and it was well deserved win. It’s not that they were good; every performance was above anyone’s imaginations, all sexy (!). But other group’s definition of ‘sexy’ was to expose to arouse (that even our Vice Principal ma’am went out watching this indecency)

The winners were sexy in looks and decent to look at.

rohit-vermaThe fun part is that the designer guy (he was totally behaving weird or it was new to me, I don’t know) said also “It was embarrassing to see the vulgar fashion show” and he was gnashing his teeth fuming (I think because everyone started making fun when he came on stage).

Then the engineer model came to cool off the atmosphere saying ‘I’m also engineer, I was expecting much more from you guyz, where is all the creativity and all that blah blah blah’

(Everyone was probably witnessing Fashion show of that grade for the first time and we thought what more could they’ve done than this yaar.)

This doesn’t end here, next day my friends debated for an hour about the fashion show, that it was indecent, filthy and vulgar. But nobody said anything while watching, rather everyone was shouting, gave a round of applause and now after guests said so and Vice Principal got out, they changed their opinion that it was vulgar (Its wrong that is what I thought).

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